FreeSWITCH based multifunctional telephony system

Today’s PC SW can do a variety of functions to meet a user’s requirements. One of such SW is the one providing telephony switching (exchange) capabilities. We at Quantron offer you a turn-key telephony solution based on FreeSWITCH, a flexible and powerful VoIP platform.

The system ‘core’ is a server, which in fact is a typical PC, that provides baseline telephony functionality. Telephony does not normally require substantial processing resources, and this is why it is possible making use of mini computers in most cases.

Telephone exchange on the basis of FreeSWITCH

WAN connections to Telco providers can be done via various elements such as VoIP-to-PSTN gateways, GSM modems, etc. It is also possible connecting over SIP providers such as Sipnet.

SW based implementation of telephone exchange should not be limiting us in IP based terminals. Any SIP phone will do. Quantron, for instance, makes use of Сisco 7940/7960 phones internally that feature a wide variety of capabilities as compared with the analog phone that can just make calls.

A VoIP based solution, as opposed to the analog one, makes for cutting back phone costs thanks to intelligent routing through a chain of telephony providers: SIP based intercity/international telephony is commonly cheaper than the one by analog providers. For instance, a SIP based phone call to the USA will generally cost you about RUB 0.5 – 1. Some extra features, such as voice menu, voice mail, etc, are also available with the VoIP base solution.

Conversely, HW based implementation of the telephony exchange normally requires some extra spending on system configuration to be done by a high-paid professional. What is also essential is that HW based telephony implementations sustain certain limitations on the number of connections and conferences being processed. The exchange itself presents a sort of ‘skeleton’ that requires extensions boards, which drives up the cost even further. Moreover, as times goes by, telephone exchanges get older and it is not easy to get hold of the right extension boards available in the market.

SW based implementation, though, is no limit to the system extension in terms of number of channels, terminals, conf calls, etc. There is also no need in terms of licensing the above units and extension boards (voice mail, extra channels/lines/caller id boards, etc). The system performance is virtually limited by PC based SW capabilities i.e. the stuff which is easily available, wide-spread, and inexpensive.

The flexibility of SW based approach makes it possible to use IP based telephony efficiently and effectively in business applications while allowing it to be integrated into existing business processes of an organization for further process improvements. Such specific elements as the common corporate address book, conferences, call divert, voice menus, etc tend to enhance performance of your workforce.

Solution implementation for your office

We can help you promptly set up a single corporate network within your company putting together phones across your local office, remote subsidiaries, and agencies in other cities and countries.

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Key solution advantages

FreeSWITCH based office telephony has the following advantages:

  • Integration of diverse telephony bearers:
    • Inexpensive SIP based intercity/international connections
    • Cable-free GSM modem connections
    • Via your existing analog connection
  • Call center set-up. Creation of huntgroup и ringgroup
  • Availability of two address books: corporate & personal
  • Voice mail
  • Audio conferences
  • Call billing
  • Virtual fax
  • Interactive voice menu
  • Call forwarding and hold
  • Music on hold (MoH)
  • Your own logo on the display of phone terminals
  • Telephone station compact size