About Quantron Systems

We at Quantron Systems have been developing software, internet solutions, and gaming applications ever since 2008. The 20+ strong company is located in Saint-Petersburg. Our squad is made up of talented skilled engineers that have all gained an invaluable experience in creating Windows-, Mac OS X-, Linux/Unix-, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod)-, Android-, Windows Mobile-, and Symbian-based services for diverse organizations across various industry sectors. Among our happy customers are those from Russia, Europe, and North America.

From day one, we have been passionate about making products and services to benefit the society. We are acutely aware of being an integral part of the entire IT ecosystem, and are delighted to have been contributing, through our products and services, to enhancing workplace productivity and making people's life better. We try to do all we can for our customers and partners to get the most from our projects.

Our team

We have PhDs and certified engineers, who have all gained invaluable experience in diverse development projects under Windows, Mac OSX, Linux, iOS, Android, and Window Mobile, all working in our team. We keep on growing and improving our skills. We take active part in forums and thematic conferences. Our success rests with our joint teamwork as we constantly learn from each other and grow together as a team.