How to take part in Android app beta testing?


Mobile app testing is an important part of development process. The more people with different devices and different Android versions test the app, the faster we find and fix bugs. And a user gets the product which is ready and working properly.

To become a tester you need to login to your Google Play account.


Then you should follow the link which indicates the name of the application under test.


Click “Become a tester”.

become a tester

Now you should download the app on your device by clicking “download it on Google Play”.

tester download

When the app page is opened, you should click “Installed”.


You need to choose your device in the pop-up window and reaffirm the operation by clicking “Install” again. Be ready that downloading and installation take some time.


Now you can test the app on your device and report about detected bugs and errors using feedback.

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