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We developed out the app «DI-class — Derzhavin Institute. Home teacher» based on the system of school additional exercises «12th grade». The app purpose is repetition and fixation of knowledge of foreign languages which are learned in the Derzhavin Institute. There are tests for three languages: English, French, and Italian.

Страница языков (андроид) Всплывающее окно при завершении теста

After passing the special language test you receive out your recommended level of difficulty. There are exercises of three types: “guess the meaning”, “remember the translation”, and “write the word”. In exercise of first type you need to choose the right answer. In next stages you need to write it by yourself.

Боковая панель. Статистика Пример задания с открытым ответом

The app has a simple statistics: the total number of tasks taken and the number of right answers are rated in the sidebar. The interface of DI-class is maximally simple and comfortable.

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This app has been developed to order for the Derzhavin Institute. We work out mobile applications of various complexity, ranging from corporate solutions up to computer games and utilities.

Write us at sales@quantron-systems.com.

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