Our company made app for food delivery from restaurant “Ditay” for Android


If you really like Chinese and Japanese food, this app is for you. The app allows you to order food using only your smartphone or tablet computer. On the main page you find categories of dishes.

Меню приложения по заказу еды дитай

Each menu item has a detail description and photography of the dish. If you want to find the dish quickly, you can use the “search” function, including voice search. Tap the microphone button beside the search input field to initiate the voice search.

Описание блюда в приложении по заказу еды дитай Интерфейс приложения по заказу еды дитай

You can add your preferred food in your favorites list by pushing heart near its image. That makes your ordering faster and more comfortable. Moreover, you can save a few delivery addresses.

Избранное в приложении по заказу еды дитай Сохранённые адреса в приложении по заказу еды дитай

And that’s not all. There is a section “about restaurant” with a description and interior photographs — maybe you would like to visit this nice place in future.

Скидка 5% на всё меню в приложении по заказу еды

Now the food ordering became easier using the app. We have a surprise for you – discount 5% for ordering via the mobile app.

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