We want to make our app be available for everyone so we made new version of the app for iPhone users


The main page is a menu with a wide choice of Japanese and Chinese cuisine. All production is divided on categories for your comfort. If you have some problem with choice, the section “popular” will helps you to do it.

Меню приложения по заказу еды (English version)

A detail description and photography accompany each menu item. Do you have some favorite dish? You can save it in your favorites list by pushing “like” near its photo, so you don't need to search it among other dishes every time.

Описание блюда в приложении по заказу еды дитай (English version) Меню приложения по заказу еду дитай иос (English version)

If you are in a hurry, use the “search” function. Besides of, your order history is saved and you can always repeat every previous order.

The total cost of an order is calculated automatically. Moreover, every user of the mobile app has a discount 5%.

Корзина в приложении по заказу еды дитай иос (English version) Скидка 5% в приложении по заказу еды дитай иос (English version)

By this app you can make an order in a few clicks without calling and waiting.

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