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We developed out the app «DI-class» with tests for learning foreign languages for iOS. These tests are additional to training programs of the Derzhavin Institute.

There are tests of different levels for three languages: English, French, and Italian. You can choose any level and improve it step by step. Also you can find out your level if you take a the special language test.

Экран языков DI-class иос English version Экран выбора уровня DI-class иос English version

All tasks are aimed to learn the vocabulary and divided into several stages. For instance, on first stage you have some translation variants and need to choose the right one. Next stages are more difficult: you need to write the right translation from memory.

Экран выбора этапа DI-class иос English version Пример задания с открытым ответом DI-class иос English version

The app has a statistics with the total number of tasks taken and the number of right answers. It allows you to track your progress.

Экран статистики DI-class иос English version

How to improve your language level using only your mobile app? Easy!

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