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07 February 2017

How to take part in Android app beta testing?

Mobile app testing is an important part of development process. The more people with different devices and different Android versions test the app, the faster we find and fix bugs. And a user gets the product which is ready and working properly.
15 December 2016

We got NVIDIA Jetson TX1 Development Kit for development of learning systems

We are developing software for patrol robots based on convolution neural networks. For these purposes we bought NVIDIA Jetson TX1 Development Kit that is intended for development of deep learning systems.
04 September 2015

Sunnify — mood diary from Quantron Systems

Our company work out the app in the form of diary which allows you not only to track important events but look back at what happened during the day and see how your mood changed along the way. Colorful, friendly and simple interface makes using the app comfortable and enjoyable.
05 August 2015

Learn foreign languages with your mobile devices

We developed out the app «DI-class» with tests for learning foreign languages for iOS. These tests are additional to training programs of the Derzhavin Institute
28 July 2015

We want to make our app be available for everyone so we made new version of the app for iPhone users

The main page is a menu with a wide choice of Japanese and Chinese cuisine. All production is divided on categories for your comfort. If you have some problem with choice, the section “popular” will helps you to do it.
13 July 2015

Our company made app for food delivery from restaurant “Ditay” for Android

If you really like Chinese and Japanese food, this app is for you. By the app you have an ability to order food using only your smartphone or tablet computer. On the main page you find categories of dishes.
13 July 2015

Now the app “Evrasia-Express” is available for iPhone users

Our company has recently worked out the Evrasia-Express for Android users. We have good news for you: it became available for iPhone users. Now they can enjoy the modern system of food delivery using only their mobile device.
01 June 2015

DI-class for Android was worked out by Quantron Systems

We developed out the app “DI-class — Derzhavin Institute. Home teacher” based on the system of school additional exercises “12th grade”. The app purpose is repetition and fixation of knowledge of foreign languages which are learned in the Derzhavin Institute. There are tests for three languages: English, French, and Italian.
06 May 2015

Special app for food delivery from the restaurant chain “Evrasia” for Android users

Now, thanks to modern technology, it is possible to order food using only your mobile device. The Evrasia-Express has a colorful, simple and intuitive interface.
16 June 2014

We have launched our blog service

A lot of new and interesting things keep happening in our company that we would like to share with you. Nontrivial occupational issues and their solutions, mysteries and nuances of software development cycles, review of topical literature and useful tools, our corporate news - all this and much more stuff can be found in our blog.